What We Do

HR Consulting Services specializes in HR-consulting, employee hiring, orientation, and onboarding assistance to small and medium-sized businesses.

We also help businesses to comply with laws and conduct the necessary HR-related training,

Why us

Our firm was built for small businesses. We are a small business, and we know them inside and out. We’ve developed a flexible, cost-flexible suite of services to help you define, organize, report, and manage your HR functions in a cost-efficient way.

In recent years, the complexity of managing human resources and employee relations has become overwhelming for many small to mid-size companies, even those with fully-staffed HR teams. So, when partnering with the HR Consulting Services, you’ll gain clarity and guidance needed to attract the right talent, engage your employees, and stay compliant with the new regulations. Our full range of cost-effective solutions gives you and your employees access to great benefits. With a knowledgeable and responsive HR consultant who is dedicated to your business, you’ll receive efficient service that keeps your business running smoothly.


Small Business Services

Get Ready to Lead Your Team to Greatness! For a lot of small businesses, sound HR processes and regulatory compliance are out of reach and seem like a mystery that frequently turns into emergencies and costly litigation.

Small businesses learn, frequently the hard way, that getting the right HR processes can improve their employee morale and loyalty. More importantly, sound HR policies can lower small businesses’ employee turnover costs and minimize the risks of costly employment discrimination litigations.

HR Project Consulting

We also provide services fractionally or on a project-to-project basis. Typical projects involve case-specific consultations or strategic recommendations associated with the specific employee-related issue.

Sometimes, small businesses with no HR function seek our help to address specific team-related issues. We are often called upon by employers of choice with a team of in-house HR professionals that seek our expertise. We happily partner and work with you to get your project started or off the back burner. We can even run multiple projects simultaneously.

HR Shared Services

We believe that every business deserves help with strategic planning and assistance with HR services from day one.

For companies that understand the importance of strategic HR planning and are committed to integrating an HR strategy and for the price of a single full-time employee can get HR assistance that delivers the tailored, practical and actionable solution. We embed our talent in your business, learn your business’ objectives and challenges to deliver the tailored action plan. Typically, businesses with 50 to 250 employees benefit the most from the shared HR services. Yet, both smaller and larger companies often benefit from the HR shared services. We meet you wherever you are on your journey! ​

A la carte

HR Consulting Services provides services to address specific needs or provide proactive initiatives that require seasoned HR practitioners.

Your business may not have a budget or need for a full-time HR person. No problem! We are here to help on an hourly basis. You will get an expertise of a dedicated team, whether you are an à la carte client or not. ​

Harassment in the Workplace Training ​

In 2020, Illinois employers are required to provide annual sexual harassment prevention training to all employees. 

The training must define sexual harassment, including a summary of federal and state laws regarding unlawful harassment, provide examples of prohibited conduct, and explain the employer’s policies to prevent, investigate, and address sexual harassment in the workplace. HR Consulting Services provides training for both employees and supervisors to cover businesses’ compliance needs, helping management to better understand and recognize the different forms of harassment in the workplace and how to prevent it.


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